The event industry is going through a stressful time. Well, let’s rewind.​…
The world is going through an extremely stressful and uncertain time. Even though there are promises of life going back to “normal”, there are no guarantees that we won’t find ourselves in this situation again. 
We are currently dealing with a government enforced postponement, but there are also many personal reasons for postponing, such as health emergencies, financial issues, natural disasters, sudden death in the family, etc. 

If you’ve recently been faced with having to postpone your big day, there are many things to take into consideration, and an abundance of information available. I’ve put together a few starting points to help you navigate this situation, and these these can apply to any postponement. Read on below!

Postpone vs. Cancel
Most small businesses will not refund the deposit due to cancellation. If you decide to cancel, you will be walking away from all your deposits. Depending on the services reserved, these can amount to thousands of dollars. Postponing your wedding will allow for the retainer already paid to be applied for a future date. Key considerations are placed with vendors that can only at one place at a time. After confirming with the venue, you should reach out to your planner, DJ/music and photographer to see if they are available. Then move onto the rest of the vendors.
Don’t forget to check in with the VIP family members. Last thing you’d want is for them to have planned vacations or other commitments.
New date
Your new wedding date should be announced formally as soon as possible, especially if the wedding invitations went out. It’s encouraged to call and send e-mail notification to each guest. If you have changed your wedding date after ordering your invites, you can still send them with an insert stating a date change. Or you have an option of ordering a new set of invitations.
As to choosing an actual date- it all depends on your flexibility. If all Saturdays are booked the following year, will you be ok with celebrating on a Friday or Sunday? What about during the week?
Without key players
If you are very keen on having a specific (new) date, be prepared to not to have all vendors available. If a currently booked vendor is not available for your new date, you can either continue trying to find a date that accommodates them (and everyone else) or you can consider finding someone similar and forfeiting your deposit. Perhaps you can ask your vendor to assist. Most established vendors are extremely helpful and supportive in the industry.
Moving forward
Planning a wedding can be highly stressful and time consuming, as well as a significant financial investment. While you may be overwhelmed with sadness, despair or anger, it’s important to be realistic. Life can be unpredictable and you shouldn’t punish yourself and dwell. Try to prioritize your health and wellness during this time and stay positive!

Try to pause, reset and continue with your plans when the time is right. Remember that you will get to marry the love of your life and celebrate with family and friends, and whatever day this happens will be so special!